La etnobotánica de La Ventosa (municipio de Juchitán de Zaragoza), Oaxaca (U. Oregon)

The project Lexico-botanical documentation in La Ventosa was directed by Gabriela Pérez Báez at the Smithsonian Institution in consultation with members of the La Ventosa community – Rosaura López Cartas, Reyna Guadalupe López López, Velma Orozco Trujillo, Fernando Sánchez López and Pedro Trujillo Vera, 21 speakers of Diidxazá from the towns of La Ventosa, Juchitán de Zaragoza, and Santa María Xadani, and an interdisciplinary team. Field work began in September 2013 and involved one year of plant collection. This produced more than 1,300 herbarium specimens of 281 vascular plants with names in Diidxazá, 5,000 high resolution photographs and over 200 audio recordings. The documentation and linguistic analysis were carried out by Gabriela Pérez Báez and Terrence Kaufman. Alberto Reyes García and Kenia Velasco Gutiérrez were responsible for collecting and processing plant specimens, identifying species, and managing the botanical data. Fernando Sánchez López and Pedro Trujillo Vera carried out most of the specimen collection over 92 outings to 225 localities in and around La Ventosa. Photographs are by Gibrán Morales Carranza. The project database was designed by Kenia Velasco Gutiérrez. Data capture was done by Reyna Guadalupe López López, Gibrán Morales Carranza, Gabriela Pérez Báez and Kenia Velasco Gutiérrez. Christian Brendel was responsible for standardizing the data. The plant descriptions in Diidxazá were written by historian, writer, and linguist Víctor Cata, and in Spanish by Gabriela Pérez Báez and Kenia Velasco Gutiérrez. Kate Riestenberg and SOS Language translated the Spanish descriptions into English. The audio descriptions were transcribed and translated into Spanish by David Eduardo Vicente Jiménez. The translations into English were written by Gabriela Pérez Báez. The project was managed by Gabriela Pérez Báez and Kate Riestenberg. Products for retaining research in La Ventosa and neighboring areas were created in collaboration with the entire project
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Collection Statistics
  • 1,388 occurrence
  • 1,384 (100%) georeferenced
  • 1,268 (91%) identified to species
  • 104 families
  • 405 genera
  • 621 species
  • 621 total taxa (including subsp. and var.)
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