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Ethnobiological Criteria:

Semantic Tags:
Animal (plant name contains an animal name, e.g., snake's whistle)
Mammal (e.g., squirrel egg tree, for some Celastraceae)
Bird (e.g., bat wing, for Passiflora)
Reptile (e.g., snake's whistle, for a Philodendron)
Fish (e.g., fish tail for Asplundia)
Arthropod (e.g., ant tree, for Cecropia)
Color (plant name contains reference to a color)
Habitat (name contains reference to habitat or ecosystem, 'swamp flower')
Morphology (plant name refers to an aspect of its morphology, e.g., sticky)
Leaf morphology (e.g., narrow-leaf May flower)
Wood/trunk/branch morphology (e.g., smooth-bark X)
Texture (e.g., sandy leaf)
Other plant (plant name refers to another plant, the 'daisy look-alike')
Senses (plant name contains a reference to the senses, e.g., smell or feeling)
Use (plant name refers to use, e.g., 'broom', 'scorpion medicine')
Host plant (can be used for parasitic plants, or for animals, particularly arthropods)
Onomatopoeia (particularly useful to tag bird names, 'whippoorwill')
Verbatim vernacular name:
Annotated vernacular name:
Verbatim language:
Glottolog language:
Other verbatim vernacular name:
Glottolog language:
Verbatim parse:
Annotated parse:
Verbatim gloss:
Annotated gloss:
Free translation:
Taxonomic description:
Modified opaque
Modified transparent
Parts used:
Whole organism
Aerial (above ground) parts of plant
Root, rhizome, tuber, bulb, corm (underground parts of plant)
Stem or stalk (not woody)
Tender leaf and/or shoot
Bark or fiber
Wood or woody trunk or branch
Fruit, seed, or spore
Spike, thorn, prickle
Sap, resin, latex
Not reported
Whole organism
Stem (stipe)
Not reported
Whole animal (e.g., worms for bait)
Fur, skin
Teeth, bones
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